Adhering to its brand concept of “health-oriented thinking and pharmaceutical standardization”, Wellohi strictly follows the latest global safety regulations on pregnant mothers and infants, and is specifically designed for China’s mothers and infants, committed to their physical and mental health as well as intelligence development.

Wellohi takes the infants’ growth as its own aspiration and mission as all mothers do. We travel around the world to search and collect global high-quality nutritional sources and R&D resources, cooperating with the world’s top manufacturing and quality control organizations. Our products are manufactured following the highest requirements of GMP Standard, aiming to bring happy and unforgettable child-care experiences to mothers and a full range of nutritional support to infants.

Category vision

To build the top brand of DHA brain nutrition

In 2015, Wellohi DHA was selected as the designated product for “the 24th World Memory Championships” and was recommended by Mr. Raymond Keene, President of British Brain Foundation, and also well-received by the contestant of “Super Brain”.

In 2016, Wellohi DHA joined hands with its supplier of DHA Algal Oil—Royal DSM, the world’s leading supplier of DHA raw materials to launch the campaign of “Brain Nutrition in China”, calling for more people to attach importance to brain nutrition and brain health. Consequently, Wellohi became the industry’s first company contributing to brain nutrition in an all-round way.

In 2016, Wellohi officially started its cooperation with British Brain Foundation by which Professor Michael Crawford, member of Brain Foundation and the world’s authoritative expert in brain nutrition was employed as chief scientist of Wellohi and worked with other world-class scientists to further strengthen the R&D strength of Wellohi ... to build it as top brand of DHA brain nutrition. That is the category vision of Wellohi DHA and the goal we keep striving for!


During the recent 10 years, Wellohi became increasingly popular and reliant among consumers. With a good brand awareness and reputation, it not only has contributed to the development of China’s mother and infant health industry but also has been recognized and trusted by both industry and users:


Awarded the title of “Key Brand Legal Protection Unit”;


Wellohi established a strategic cooperation with Guangdong Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development, jointly planning to launch the magazine named “Nurturing” and distributing it to the public for free;


Wellohi joined hands with Guangdong Women’s and Children’s Hospital to build a strong expert service platform for pregnant mothers and infants;


The first regional summit forum of Wellohi (China) Guangzhou mother and infant industry was co-organized by Wellohi, Yangcheng Evening News and other televisions and traditional media;


Awarded the title of “Quality Assured Brand with Consumers’ Best Trust”;


Awarded the title of “Exemplary Unit of Care for Mothers & Infants Health and Credit Management” and the title of CBME China “Ten-year Service Award” of pregnant mothers & infants industry;


Wellohi became the strategic partner of the 24th World Memory Championships and Wellohi DHA was selected as its designated product;


Established a joint laboratory with Jinan University
Employed Professor Michael Crawford, the world’s leading expert in brain nutrition as chief scientist of Wellohi
Purchased GMP-certified health-care product factory in wholly-owned way and founded Guangzhou CNFONU Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd.
Became Standing Vice President Company of Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province


Village Head Li Rui of "Wheres Dad Going" Signed a Contract with Wellohi as Brand Spokesman;obtain the domestic distribution right of Nestle mantone brand